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Working together to improve your outcomes

As a world leading manufacturer of hospital equipment, medical devices and hospital IT solutions, we can help you improve healthcare efficiency. Our consultants collaborate with your hospital’s management and staff to streamline workflows, boost efficiency and increase patient and staff satisfaction. Aligned with your hospital strategy and KPI:s we will present solutions to improve patient related outcomes and reduce your operating costs.

Implemented changes:

1. Needs Analysis

The clinic began by mapping its needs, identifying improved information, communication and patient logistics flows in order to create a more efficient health care delivery.

2. Digital Solution

By introducing INSIGHT – the patient flow management IT solution from Getinge – staff were able to receive a better overview of the situation at the ward at any given time. Information included number of patients, level of care needed, planned activities and expected date of discharge of each patient.

3. Change Management

Routines were redesigned, information was made available digitally, and staff were provided with handheld devices to facilitate work “on the go”.

4. Final Evaluation

The progress was monitored closely through joint value analysis including KPI:s related to efficiency and productivity.

Results achieved:

Positive trends in average length of stay as well as patient admissions with no major increase in staff cost.