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Getinge welcomes your ideas and inventions

Getinge believes that every person should get the best possible care. We are committed to improving patient outcome through technology solutions.
Getinge works closely with health care providers to share knowledge and experiences, and we believe in leveraging the best ideas for delivering value to our customers and to improve the health and well-being of others.  Whether you have an idea or an invention (as defined below), we welcome your submission.

Please however only submit ideas and inventions that are relevant to Getinge’s existing business areas and technologies, as shown on  Please also explain the connection to Getinge’s existing businesses and technologies if it is not immediately obvious from your submission. 

Getinge’s approach to external ideas and inventions

Getinge welcomes ideas, solutions, and suggestions from the public and from our customers. However, Getinge’s policy is not to receive outside submissions on a confidential basis. Receiving external submissions in confidence would hinder Getinge’s ability to share ideas with internal and external stakeholders to solicit feedback. It could also prevent Getinge from carrying out its existing business activities, especially when (i) Getinge already has similar concepts in its possession or in development, (ii) the same or similar concepts are already part of the public domain, and/or (iii) Getinge’s development of new or old technology might be limited by taking on confidentiality obligations.

Further, Getinge does not compensate external parties for unsolicited submissions, with limited exceptions for submissions which are already protected by a patent or patent application. When patent-protected inventions are submitted, depending on the value perceived, Getinge may elect to compensate submitters for such inventions.   

Idea or invention?

Please note that we make a distinction between “Ideas” and “Inventions”. Hence, before submitting, please carefully decide if you have: (a)  a concept that is already protected by one or more patents or patent applications [herein “Invention(s)”], or (b) a concept not protected by at least one patent or patent application prior to submission [herein “Idea(s)”].  If you have multiple Ideas or Inventions, you may use more than one submission form.

How do I file a patent application?

You should consider filing a patent application before sharing your Ideas with Getinge to help protect any valuable new innovations. The best way to do this is to consult a licensed patent attorney, patent agent, or patent engineer in your country of residence. Some links to patent resources can be found at the end of this document. 

Terms and Conditions

Your submission to Getinge is subject to Terms and Conditions (Submission of Ideas) or Terms and Conditions (Submission of Inventions). By clicking the “Submit” button for your submission, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and abide by all rules and policies set forth herein. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, do not submit your Idea and/or Invention to Getinge. 

Idea submission

If you are ready to submit an Idea to Getinge, kindly click the below button to access Getinge’s submission form and select “Idea”.

Invention submission

If you are ready to submit an Invention to Getinge, kindly click the below button to access Getinge’s submission form and select “Invention”.

Patent Resources