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Getinge’s ventilators get a virtual twin

Today, Getinge’s renown Servo ventilators get a boost into the future. With the launch of Servo TwinView, medical teams can access and analyze near real-time data from the ventilators, without having to step inside the sensitive environment in the intensive care unit (ICU).

As the healthcare sector strains with increasing demands and evolving challenges, the need for innovative digital solutions is growing more than ever, offering scalable and efficient ways to enhance patient care. Global medtech company Getinge continues to place a high priority on developing and providing cutting-edge digital solutions, as well as adding digital capabilities to existing products, to meet the complexities of the modern healthcare landscape.

“We are constantly working on expanding our offering of digital solutions to support and enhance high acuity care workflows,” says Elin Frostehav, President Acute Care Therapies at Getinge. “Our latest innovation, Servo TwinView, is a virtual twin to our renown ventilators, and first to benefit from it are the Servo-u and Servo-n models. Servo TwinView provides medical staff with near real-time view of the data displayed on the ventilator screen, without having to access the actual ventilator in the ICU.”

While viewing the ventilator data remotely, experts can provide a second opinion and support the staff who are working inside the ICU.

“The ICU is a sensitive environment with patients that are often critically ill, recovering from major surgeries, experiencing organ failure, severe trauma, or facing other complex medical issues. Servo TwinView opens the possibility to follow therapies without disturbing these patients and their relatives, explains Cecilia Sjöstedt, Vice President Critical Care at Getinge. “It enables hospitals to increase effectiveness of daily routines such as rounding and handover, supporting onboarding and training away from the patient room, potentially improving workflow and thereby freeing up time and costly clinical resources.”

An extensive prestudy, including end-user involvement, provided Getinge with valuable input in the development of the Servo TwinView. Substantial focus was spent to ensure that sharing of information was made easy and to enable colleagues to view and analyze the data on computers, smart phones, and tablets, in a secure way.

“This virtual twin of the physical ventilator is connected via Wi-Fi and the data is handled according to the individual hospital’s policies. We have put a lot of efforts into optimizing cyber security for this solution,” says Elin. “We hope Servo TwinView will become a great tool for many hospitals around the world, assisting them in their digital transformation journeys.”

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