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Meet Fredrik Berselius – co-creator of one the world’s most difficult cookbooks

Fredrik Berselius is a famous chef running a Michelin star-awarded restaurant in New York City, currently starring Getinge’s new brand campaign alongside surgeon Dr. Nirav Patel. Turns out, a chef and a surgeon have things in common when it comes to practicing dexterity.

Fredrik Berselius, a native of Stockholm, Sweden, has carved out a significant culinary career for himself in the heart of New York City. His childhood home was located next to a forest, fostering a deep bond with nature that has since become a defining characteristic of his dishes.

Most recently, Fredrik is fronting global medtech supplier Getinge’s new brand campaign where he together with Dr. Nirav Patel, a famous surgeon, has created what is believed to be one of the world’s most difficult cookbooks.

“It was a fun challenge to make recipes where there is a clear link between what we do in restaurants and what surgeons do in the operating room. In cooking, you need to be precise and use your touch and feel, as well as certain tools to handle very fine, meticulous moments in preparation of a dish. Doing my research for this book, it was fascinating to look at the tools that surgeons use and try to implement them into the preparations,” says Fredrik.

The cookbook is about practicing everything from how to use your hands, develop your touch and feel, and your ability to use instruments and tools. And it’s about having fun.

“I think all recipes Dr. Patel and I created are phenomenal training for your fingers and your brain, as well as attention to detail. As a bonus, you will end up with delicious food on your plate.”

When Fredrik was first asked to do the cookbook, he hadn’t thought about the similarities that much. But as he and Dr. Patel worked together the similarities became more and more obvious.

“The way we work as a team, the way we prepare, and how we handle stress are some of the similarities between surgery and cooking. The tools we use in another one. I was inspired by watching somebody from a different field and there was so much to learn. I have a huge respect for what he and his team are doing at the hospital, saving lives.”

Fredrik also saw possibilities to bring some of the surgical techniques back to his restaurant, Aska. Such as using a scalpel or scissors instead of a large knife, to make the food even more detailed.

“I am very happy that I had the opportunity to collaborate with Getinge on this project. Trying new things is how you get better. You can never be fully learned. Extraordinary dexterity is something chefs and surgeons have in common and hopefully, the cookbook can be inspirational for both surgeons and chefs who wants to boost their dexterity skills.”

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